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Flexibile cane manichini

Flexiblemanichino flessibile per cani ricoperto di tessuto dog mannequins covered with ivory fabric

Prezzo 102,00 €

Mannequin leg woman hips woman

This cute diaper is a diaper of woman mannequin. It is available in different colors and finishes (matt, glossy, lacquered). It will bring a trendy look and customize your windows. Delivered without baseless, he holds in his own balance on a flat surface. To customize your windows, Mannequins Online offers these women glutes.

Prezzo 66,00 €

Busto donna satoriale bu9581p52tl

Questa bella donna busto cucitura è il primo premio. È Polistirene espanso rivestito con casa Lycra. Questo manichino busto ha né capo né braccia. Questo busto è dotato di una base di treppiede in legno che acorde perfettamente con il colore beige di questa altezza buste.La di questo manichino è regolabile.

Cucitura Busto che si adatterà ai vostri mondi diversi, presentazione collezione - showroom - Salone.


Prezzo 61,00 €
Busti donna ate sc4 -50%
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Busti donna ate sc4

Ecco una donna busto di cucitura in jersey nero. Al posto della testa è un palo di metallo. Di colore nero, che porterà un tocco di raffinatezza alle vostre collezioni. E ’grande per mostrare i vestiti e gli accessori. Si tratta senza fondamento, perché contiene in sé equilibrio. È sufficiente posizionare su un tavolo, mensola ... una superficie piana. Disponibile nella consegna, si prega di contattarci per ulteriori informazioni sui nostri busti femminili cuciture.

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Pregnant ladies bustform 3 months

This beautiful bust is a woman sewing bust 3 months pregnant. It comes with a light wood tripod base form and a wooden sleeve. The bust will highlight your perfect clothing for pregnant women collections. Easy to handle, it will allow you to provide your chic boutiques. 

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on this mannequin.

Prezzo 119,00 €

Male display head wsk02

This male display mannequin head is in gray plastic.
This model is perfect to highlight your hats, scarves, glasses and other head accessory.
This man’s head has no attachment or basic, you simply have to place it on a table or shelf for example.
It requires little maintenance.
It is available in delivery.
Prezzo 59,00 €

Woman tailored bust mannequin buste léopard

Bellissimo busto donna raffinata ed elegante leopardo che porterà il lato chic nelle vetrine dei negozi. Sono busti che si adattano facilmente alle varie finestre e collezioni del momento. Ti daranno uno spirito creativo regalando un'atmosfera speciale. In una preoccupazione di personalizzazione, Mannequins Online ti propone busti per cucire donne per poter cambiare regolarmente le tue finestre.

Prezzo 139,00 €

Bust mannequin man do1140

Mannequins Online offers you busts men in order to regularly change your windows. This pretty headless bust shows the fine details of this display mannequin. The headless side gives full effect to the silhouette. Our mannequins busts adapt easily to various displays and collections of the moment. They do not age and are designed for an optimal duration. These models require little maintenance. 

This human torso can be painted in different colors and in different finish: matte, glossy (gloss lacquered), satin.

It comes without fixing, simply place it on a smooth surface.

Prezzo 39,00 €
Tailored male bust bu9551p52 -20%
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Tailored male bust bu9551p52

This human torso mannequin fits all the trends and windows of time. A creative mind will settle into the look of your windows. Their classic side will fade and originality rebounds. The bust will highlight your clothing collections. Polystyrene, this sewing bust requires little maintenance. To customize your windows, Mannequins Online offers you these wonderful men busts seams.

Prezzo base 69,00 € Prezzo 55,20 €

Mannequin child tailored bust bce5-1/bo

This cute little bust is a tailored mannequin bust child from 6/8 years. This window mannequin does not have a head but has black wooden arms. It is supplied with a round base in black wood that fits perfectly with the arms. The body of the bust is beige, with black accessories, it brings a touch of elegance to the mannequin. This bust is available in child delivery within two weeks.

Prezzo 330,00 €

Bust female miniature it802

Mannequins Online presents this beautiful bust mannequin. It is a mannequin miniature female bust. This model has been designed to enhance your collections of jewelry and accessories. It is fiberglass and was covered with kraft paper. This bust is beige and measuring 37cm in height. But it also exists in other sizes. This miniature bust comes without basis because you just lay it on a flat surface. This model is available in delivery.

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Display stand hands sah/ks2 -10%
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Display stand hands sah/ks2

display stand to présent accessoiries, collars, neckless, belts


height : 40cm

base 15x15cm

this display hand mannequin on stand is available in white gloss and come with a stand painted in the same color

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Furniture fid 209e

Our healthy clothes have been designed to meet your business requirements: the bearing design rights with shelves to suggest associations, folding racks equipped with a handle for the VRP, the roller bearing for the reserve, countertop racks ideal for the sale of accessories, healthy round to place in strategic places of your shop ... Our professional wardrobes, in addition to being adapted to your needs, cater to all budgets.

Prezzo 67,00 €
Wig e16b-21852 -50%
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Wig e16b-21852

wigs mannequins woman. This wig dummy showcase black color mid length cut is a soft wig on net. It adapts to all types of display mannequin heads.

Prezzo base 35,00 € Prezzo 17,50 €

Package 50 hangers tara


€ 2.40 / UNIT 

SIZE: 38 CM 

Color: BeechWood natural

Robust, noble and natural, wooden hangers for our Beech will value your clothes, you have built a store ready-to-wear classic or high-end. We can provide big hangers or small amount depending on your needs. These hangers are great for support, thanks to its slots, your tops, blouses, pants, strapless dresses ...

Prezzo 120,00 €

Busto satoriale manichini donna flexible arms b

Mannequins online presenta questo magnifico paio di articolati donna braccia. Questi braccio flessibile sarà facile adattarsi alla cucitura busto su cui si chiederà. Sono stati progettati per essere facile da mantenere e utilizzare. Questi bracci articolati Donne busto vi aiuterà a personnalier le finestre.

Disponibile consegna, questi bracci flessibili vengono consegnati senza busto.

Prezzo 64,00 €

Busto satoriale manichini donna cy201-1

Questo busto cucitura donna è rivestito con un tessuto jersey beige. Viene fornito con una base tripode e un manicotto di legno. Questa bella giuntura busto è grande per portare chic alle vostre finestre e negozi. La cucitura busto si adatta facilmente a diverse collezioni e vetrine del momento.


Questo busto donna, cucito è disponibile in consegna.

Prezzo 92,00 €

Shell pregnant woman

Maternity shell for wrapping around, with adjustable velcro ribbon, cover made of jersey, beige, made of hard foam, suitable for size 38 with waist measurement between 60 and 65 cm

Prezzo 46,00 €

Display female head wsk01

Superb window mannequin head woman in gray plastic.
This mannequin is ideal for highlight hair accessories such as hats, scarves, glasses ...
This woman’s head does not have attachment or basic as simply place it on a table or shelf for example.
This head requires little maintenance. It is available in delivery.
Prezzo 59,00 €

Tailored bust mannequin man cy301-1

This man bust seam is polystyrene. It comes with a wooden tripod base whose height can be adjusted easily. This bust seam is superb value for your men clothing collections. Elegant, it fits all the windows. Easy to maintain, sewing bust low maintenance.


Please contact us for more information on this man sewing bust.

Prezzo 92,00 €

Display stand porte sac

Display stand simple

Material : Steal chrome-plated

Dimensions :

Base : 15x15cm
Stake : 45cm
Adjustable fragment : 45cm (maximum height)

Prezzo 34,00 €

Mannequin bust child bu9352

This beautiful mannequin bust is a child. No head or arms: this bust comes without fixing or base as it stands upright alone. So this makes this child mannequin very easy to handle. Our mannequins are designed for optimal duration. This mannequin is white but it is available in different colors. Moreover, it requires little maintenance. Those are busts that easily adapt to various displays and collections of the moment. Mannequins Online offers you busts these children in order to regularly change your windows. Our window mannequins are available in delivery.

Prezzo 60,50 €

Mannequin child tailored bust arms woods bce7-1/bo

Mannequins Online presents this nice sewing bust child 10 / 12years. This is a child mannequin whose body is beige and headless. It has black wooden arms. Moreover, this child bust comes with a wooden tripod base that fits very well with the arms and the height is adjustable. This beautiful child mannequin give a chic to your collections. 

Prezzo 333,00 €

Bust female miniature it803

This beautiful female mannequin is a miniature bust. It is fiberglass but was covered with kraft paper. This miniature bust is no head or arms and beige. This mannequin is available in different size. This bust mannequin has been designed for the collections of jewelry and accessories. It is very easy to maintain. This woman bust measurement 43cm high and is available in delivery.

Prezzo 35,00 €
Parrucca e16b-21851b -50%
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Parrucca e16b-21851b

parrucca morbida per manichino di vetrina donna. taglio di capelli lungo, parrucca manichino colore nero su rete morbida si adatta a tutte le forme di teste di manichino.

Prezzo base 35,00 € Prezzo 17,50 €

Glass base for window mannequin oprgb

Mannequins Online presents this lovely base for mannequin.

It is fixed in the foot. This round glass base mannequin blends in the windows. With this low base, the focus is on the mannequin and your collections.


Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on this basis to mannequin.

Prezzo 45,00 €

Package 50 hangers helena


€ 2.80 / UNIT

Mannequins Online presents this nice wooden hanger from light beech. Robust and natural, our packs 50 hangers are perfect for ready-to-wear boutiques.


They bear your clothing collections such as shirts, jackets, ... Basically or in small quantities, we can provide any type of hangers. Do not hesitate to contact our team.

Prezzo 140,00 €

Donna busti manichini bu945280

Questo bellissimo busto è una donna busto senza testa con un manicotto metallico. Plastica, questo busto è molto facile da usare e richiede poca manutenzione. Senza età, è stato progettato per la durata ottimale. Bianco opaco, si adatta perfettamente alle diverse esposizioni e collezioni del momento. Per personalizzare il vostro merchandising, Mannequins Online offre queste donne busti al fine di cambiare le finestre regolarmente.

Prezzo 59,00 €

Manichini donna busto satoriale flexible arms

Per personalizzare le finestre, vi offriamo questa coppia di articolati donna braccia. Questi braccio schiuma facilmente adattarsi alla cucitura busto su cui si chiederà. Schiuma, che richiedono poca manutenzione e sono facili da gestire e utilizzare.
Consegna a disposizione, questi braccio per il cucito busto vengono consegnati senza busto.
Prezzo 67,00 €

Manichini busto satoriale donna buste vendom

Questa donna cucitura busto è raffinato ed elegante: porterà chic ai vostri negozi. Si adatta facilmente a diversi display e le collezioni del momento. Con questa donna busto, le vostre collezioni di abbigliamento attirare l’occhio. Viene fornito con una base rotonda in legno nero, ma esiste anche in legno naturale. Il busto porterà creatività alle vostre finestre.


Non esitate a contattarci per ulteriori informazioni su questo bel busto donna cucito.

Prezzo 109,00 €

Pregnant ladies bustform 6 month

This beautiful pregnant woman and bust seam bring a realistic side to the original display cases and trends. A creative mind will settle into the look of your windows. Their classic side will disappear. These busts will enhance your collections of clothing pregnant women 6 months. For the sake of personalization, Mannequins Online offers you these busts seams women in order to change your windows regularly.

Prezzo 119,00 €

Male mannequin head 4010bqs

testa manichino maschile, 33 cm, base 12,5 x 12,5 cm in cromo, tessuti elastici grigi.

Prezzo 100,00 €

Mannequin woman tailored bust buste zèbre beige

This original sewing woman bust is covered with a fabric zebra pattern. Refined and elegant, it will bring chic to your windows. These busts are easily adapted to various displays and trends. In addition, it comes with an aluminum base whose height can be adjusted very simply. This woman will bust a creative spirit and a special atmosphere in your shop. In order to regularly change your windows, Mannequins Online offers you these wonderful women busts seams. This couture bust is available in zebra delivery.

Prezzo 139,00 €

Tailored bust men cy301 black jersey

Tailored bust man in black jersey with black wooden tripod base and black sleeve This tailored bust form for man is made in polyurethane covered with a black jersey. this tailored bust for men will be delivered with wooden sleeve and a black tripod base

Prezzo 92,00 €

Display stand porte chapeau 202

Display stand Hat

Material : Steal chrome-plated

Dimensions :

Base : 15x15cm
Stake : 45cm
Adjustable fragment : 45cm (maximum height)
diameter : 11.5cm

Prezzo 34,00 €

Child bust mannequin bu9351

Children pvc bust form translucent

3/5 years old bust form

measurement of this bust form for kids with beginning of legs

Prezzo 69,30 €