Female legs display mannequins

Female legs display mannequins


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Mannequin leg woman hips woman

This cute diaper is a diaper of woman mannequin. It is available in different colors and finishes (matt, glossy, lacquered). It will bring a trendy look and customize your windows. Delivered without baseless, he holds in his own balance on a flat surface. To customize your windows, Mannequins Online offers these women glutes.

Price €66.00

Flexible women mannequin leg dp725

Beautiful pair of flexible female legs that can take different positions and satisfy any requirement and need for exposure. These legs will give their original side. In a concern of personalization, Mannequins Online proposes you these flexible legs women.

Price €199.00

Mannequin leg woman hl4

Here’s a female mannequin leg that will give you the opportunity to showcase your products and your windows. Several colors and finishes are available (matt, glossy, lacquered). This will give a trendy look and customized to your windows. This mannequin leg comes with a rectangular magnetic metal base.

Price €90.00