Busto costura caballero

Busto costura caballero

Los bustos de las costuras de los hombres son ideales para presentar atuendos y disfraces de una manera refinada. Son totalmente personalizables, ya sea el color de la tela, la manga o la base. También existe la posibilidad de agregar brazos de madera de alta gama y una cabeza. Las tarifas están disminuyendo según la cantidad y se ofrecen a empresas y particulares. La fabricación de costuras para hombres y mujeres es francesa directamente en nuestro taller, por una calidad incomparable ya un precio muy bueno.

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Tailored male bust bu9551p52

This human torso mannequin fits all the trends and windows of time. A creative mind will settle into the look of your windows. Their classic side will fade and originality rebounds. The bust will highlight your clothing collections. Polystyrene, this sewing bust requires little maintenance. To customize your windows, Mannequins Online offers you these wonderful men busts seams.

Precio 92,00 €

Tailored bust mannequin man cy301-1

This man bust seam is polystyrene. It comes with a wooden tripod base whose height can be adjusted easily. This bust seam is superb value for your men clothing collections. Elegant, it fits all the windows. Easy to maintain, sewing bust low maintenance.


Please contact us for more information on this man sewing bust.

Precio 92,00 €

Tailored bust men cy301 black jersey

Tailored bust man in black jersey with black wooden tripod base and black sleeve This tailored bust form for man is made in polyurethane covered with a black jersey. this tailored bust for men will be delivered with wooden sleeve and a black tripod base

Precio 92,00 €

Maniqui busto costura caballero

Hombre hermoso busto costura lateral clásico, pero que pondrá de relieve sus colecciones de ropa y de sus ventanas. Estos bustos se adaptan a todo tipo de ventanas y tendencias. Se le dará el deseo de crear una hermosa merchandising. En aras de la personalización, Mannequins online que ofrece estos bustos que cosen los hombres con el fin de cambiar sus ventanas con regularidad.

Precio 109,00 €

Bust vendome short

Vendome bust man short beige jersey, This bust has the following small dimensions: height: 57 cm chest 92 cm size 79 cm Basin 95 cm Do not hesitate to contact our customer service as these busts also available in small size; medium, large, XL and XXL

Precio 114,00 €

Mannequin tailored bust man buste vendome h xl

This elegant man bust seam side will value your classic clothing collections and your windows. These busts adapt to all kinds of windows and trends. This bust will motivate you to create a beautiful merchandising. To customize your collections, Mannequins Online offers you to discover our bust men in order to change your windows regularly.

Precio 119,00 €

Mannequin man tailored bust buste vendome h xxxl

Here is a nice man seam bust size. This bust is beautiful to highlight your large size clothing collections. It fits all the trends and various displays. Its classic side will bring a touch of elegance to your windows. This man mannequin bust comes with a wooden tripod base. Its height is easily adjustable.


Available in delivery, please contact us for more information sewing bust man.

Precio 129,00 €

Tailored bust form men bth306-3

Tailored bust form for men covered with white jersey. This tailored bust form comes with top cap and base. this stockman bust is eternal, this tailored bust form covered with jersey will fit perfectly your jackets, vest and outfits.

squared brushed metal base base – 35x35cm.

Precio 137,00 €

Mannequin man tailored bust black jersey man

Here is a beautiful man bust seam. It has a classic look that will highlight your clothing collections. Black lycra, this bust will also bring a touch of modernity. This bust seam fits into all kinds of showcases. It is perfect to highlight your clothing collections and customize your windows. It makes you want to create a beautiful merchandising. Mannequins Online offers you these men seams busts in order to frequently change your windows.

Precio 139,00 €

Bust men bc966 blue-grey

BC966 tailor bust man in blue - gray color,

This bust is also available in size medium, do not hesitate to contact our customer service for more information

Precio 155,00 €

Bust man bc966-ms100 - grey

BC966 tailor bust man in gray color,

The dimensions of the bust size large:

Height: 66 cm

Chest: 96 cm

Height: 83 cm

Basin 99 cm

This bust is also available in size medium, do not hesitate to contact our customer service for more information

Precio 155,00 €

Bust men bc969 bo

man taylor bust based steel tripod. This bust dimensions are: Height: 65.5 cm Chest: 91 cm Height: 77.5 cm Basin 91 cm this bust cis a medium size. Do not hesitate to contact our customer service because it also available in bust size Large

Precio 239,00 €

Tailored bust mannequin man buste original homme

ailor bust man look refined and elegant vintage chic and original for your windows. These are tailored busts stitching adapt easily to various showcases. This is professional tailored busts retro style will give you a raw and industrial side. bust for Man with vintage linen bust seam, roulette walk wrought metal. Male bust industrial style

Precio 359,00 €

Tailored bust form men bo300/2

This beautiful fashion mannequin is a bust man. It comes with a black metal base, roulette. This bust is suitable for any type of showcase. It will bring elegance and originality to your collections. It was created so as to be easy to maintain and handle. The delivery time for this window mannequin is 2 weeks.

Precio 466,00 €

Male bust rock tm-1

Covered male bust with fabric , wooden articulated arms and covered head. This torso with beginning of legs include metal adjustable metal stand.

size 48 french

Precio 529,00 €