Mini bustos de maniqui

Mini bustos de maniqui

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Bust female miniature it802

Mannequins Online presents this beautiful bust mannequin. It is a mannequin miniature female bust. This model has been designed to enhance your collections of jewelry and accessories. It is fiberglass and was covered with kraft paper. This bust is beige and measuring 37cm in height. But it also exists in other sizes. This miniature bust comes without basis because you just lay it on a flat surface. This model is available in delivery.

Precio 30,00 €

Bust female miniature it803

This beautiful female mannequin is a miniature bust. It is fiberglass but was covered with kraft paper. This miniature bust is no head or arms and beige. This mannequin is available in different size. This bust mannequin has been designed for the collections of jewelry and accessories. It is very easy to maintain. This woman bust measurement 43cm high and is available in delivery.

Precio 35,00 €

Bust female miniature it804

Mannequins Online presents this pretty little woman bust. This bust is a miniature female bust. It allows to present the collections of jewelry original way. It was designed fiberglass and is covered with kraft paper. This miniature mannequin has no base, simply place it on a smooth surface. It measures 47cm. 

Precio 35,00 €

Miniature man bust it904

This bust is a man miniature mannequin. This miniature bust is for jewelry collections. It is without head or arms. It is fiberglass covered with kraft paper. What gives it its beige. This lovely miniature model requires no basis, just ask the sufflit. Moreover, it requires little maintenance. The height of this man bust is 47cm.

Precio 35,00 €

Miniatura mujer busto bc401-1/bo.pr2-6

Mannequins Online presenta esta mujer agradable busto en miniatura. Es de color beige y tiene cabeza ni brazos. Ha sido diseñado para ser fácil de mantener y manejar. Viene con una base de madera y color marrón ronda. Este busto se encuentra disponible para la entrega dentro de dos semanas.

Precio 67,00 €

Jewellery female bust bc1000-1-bo




Female mannequin bust miniature sewing.

Ideal for jewelry collections.

Miniature bust is beige.

Comes with a dark brown round wooden base.


Size of the bust:

height 75cm

chest 96cm

75.5cm size

85cm basin

Precio 200,00 €