Male mannequin wooden arm, bust and fabric head Y526

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New collection "Montaigne Avenue"

  •  Child and female mannequins available in the same collection
  •  Legs in polyester resin and fiberglass
  •  Head and bust covered in fabric (beige fabric or bisonne fabric of your choice)
  •  Pair of articulated arms in solid wood
  •  Head covered with fabrics, 360° swivel
  •  Double binding included (calf or heel)
  •  Height 195cm

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"Montaigne Avenue" the new collection is here

This adult male mannequin is part of the new "Montaigne Avenue" collection.
A collection with a pronounced style with its elegant tri-material: Fiberglass - Wood - Fabrics
 Fiberglass legs
 Pair of articulated arms in solid wood
 Bust and head covered with fabrics (to choose between bisonne canvas and ecru canvas)

Arrange your windows freely

With its pivoting head and articulated arms, the Montaigne Avenue male mannequin allows you to renew your scenographies without changing the mannequin!
You can choose the attitude you want to give to your male mannequin by placing his head and his arms in any position.

The finishing touch

For the same price, you can choose between two fabrics for the fabric that covers the bust and head of the Montaigne Avenue female mannequin.

Double fitting on round glass base

All mannequins in the Montaigne Avenue collection are equipped with a fastening behind the calf and a fastening under the heel, to allow you to adapt the choice of fastening to the clothing used.
The fixings are installed on a round glass base with a diameter of 40cm.

Removable and swivel head

One of the advantages of the Montaigne Avenue collection is the 360° swivel head. Thanks to this characteristic, the Montaigne Avenue male mannequin will be able to decline many attitudes, and will give you more freedom in the staging of the mannequins. The heads of the Montaigne Avenue male mannequins can even be removed for your scenographic needs.

Ease and freedom of movement

A big advantage of this collection is the possibility of choosing the position of the arms. Its articulated wooden arms can be arranged in any position. More practical to put on clothes, and more economical to change the position of your dummy without changing the dummy.

Montaigne Avenue adult male mannequin measurements

This female adult mannequin is 195 cm tall. Shoulder width 47.5 cm, chest circumference 97.5 cm, waist circumference 81 cm, hip circumference 98 cm, head circumference 56 cm, neck circumference 36.5 cm, leg height 110 cm, height inseam-floor 88 cm, height under heel 4 cm, thigh circumference 56 cm, and foot size 26 cm, equivalent to a size 41.


Painting service option

Mannequins Online offers you to go through its paint shop before receiving your mannequin. In the Montaigne Avenue collection, only the legs can be painted, as the rest of the mannequin is either made of wood or covered with fabrics. This is why the painting service option offered is less expensive than for the other models which are to be painted entirely.
Do you want a painting service? We have everything prepared, follow the guide below!

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Data sheet

195 cm
Shoulder width
47,5 cm
Chest Size
97,5 cm
Waist size
81 cm
Hips Size
98 cm
Round Head
56 cm
Shoe size
36,5 cm
110 cm
Inseam height
88 cm
4 cm
Thigh Circumference
56 cm
Foot size
26 cm

Specific References

Male mannequin wooden arm, bust and fabric head Y526
  • Male mannequin wooden arm, bust and fabric head Y526
  • Male mannequin wooden arm, bust and fabric head Y526
  • Male mannequin wooden arm, bust and fabric head Y526
  • Male mannequin wooden arm, bust and fabric head Y526
  • Male mannequin wooden arm, bust and fabric head Y526



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