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The display mannequin expresses the aspiration of the customers while representing the image of the store and the creator of clothing’s. The mannequin is filled with the sight of time and it reflects it through the shop window.

The body language of the display mannequins is essential. The installation of the window mannequin expresses an attitude which helps to guess the type of clients aimed by the mannequin. There are window mannequins of all colors, shapes and sizes.

The mannequins must capture the attention of passers-by, to arouse a reaction to them.

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Woman mannequin cltd26

Trend and affirmed are the key words to describe it windows mannequin female. Its matte black finish highlights its color fabric torso and his right postion. Easily malleable, this fiberglass mannequin has the ideal measurements to enhance your clothes.The features of his face almost inexsistants allow a simpler staging at the arrangement of your store. Available delivery, Mannequins Online also lets you choose the term you prefer with a detachable head.Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Price €440.00

Woman mannequin cltd26 white

matt white abstract woman mannequin. This woman evokes a natural and traditional beauty of the city but also of modern women in general. its universal And affirmed position will make your elegant windows but without arrogance.This window mannequin is luxury discreetly.

Price €440.00

Display mannequin woman msd2

Display mannequin woman of three materials for optimal results in your displays. This combination of wood, fabric and glass fiber is precisely dosed for a sober, elegant and chic mannequin that will attract attention.

Her slim figure is supported by the natural presence it gives off. Plus, have fun with her flexible arms to boost your displays. With this mannequin, the stagings are limitless for a merchandising constantly in vogue.

Available delivery.

Price €450.00

Woman mannequin clt12 translucent

windows translucent mannequin woman with a dual attachment and a round glass base is what you need. This egg mannequin head, black fabric finish, has everything needed for your windows.Its airy look will be enhanced by an optimized lighting manage to make it much more efficient. This model will let your collection look its best.This woman needed by his charisma and unpretentious. His modest and reserved attitude exudes a seamless préstence that will seduce many.

Price €490.00

Woman mannequin cltd26 translucent

Windows translucent abstract woman mannequin with black torso. This model will let you play with all your accessories and especially with colors. Handle this translucent mannequin easily and enlarge the visual of your windows simply.Contact Mannequins Online to discuss more fully.

Price €490.00

Female display mannequin 6022spnc

Display mannequin, supplied with conic chrome base, window mannequin available in 4 colors. (black fabric elastan, ivory fabric elastan, grey fabric elastane, dark grey ecoleather.

Classic collection of sartorial mannequins, light, easy to pin and with high fit. All provided with an innovative magnetic hooking system wich make them very easy to dress. The full mannequin  can be dressed and undressed without being taken from the ba

Base conique chromée qui permet de mettre le produit en valeur. Systeme de fixation magnetique innovante qui rend ce mannequin hyper facile à habiller


Shoulder Breadth54 cm

Chest 98 cm

Waist 77 cm

Hips 96 cm

Feet 44

Price €539.00

Female mannequins rock tmfd-0

Female mannequin with articulated arm and resin body. Size 36 mannequin ideal for creating a stage design in motion

these bi-color models are both a mix of old and new

body brown paper finish - wooden arms - legs in resine with concrete finich

Price €559.00

Abstract mannequins pf02

New - Display mannequin abstract transparent fiber glass. Available with a round glass base and magnetized inserts

Price €619.00

Abstract mannequins pf01

dimensions of this mannequin showcase woman in transparent fiber: height: 181cm width: 64 cm depth: 47cm

Price €619.00

Abstract mannequins pf03

New - Display woman mannequin abstract in transparent fiber glass. delivery into 2 weeks and available with a round glass base and magnetized inserts

Price €619.00

Abstract mannequins pf04

New - Display mannequin abstract in transparent fiber glass. delivery into 2 weeks and available with a round glass base and magnetized inserts

high: 182cm

width: 67 cm

depth: 51 cm

Price €619.00

Abstract mannequins pf05

New - Display mannequin abstractwoman in transparent fiberglass. delivery into 2 weeks and available with a round glass base and magnetized inserts

Price €619.00

Chromed female display mannequin 626

Window mannequins chrome abstract woman. Chrome window mannequin with round metal base. This abstract window mannequin give to  your window a futuristic style.

Price €619.00

Woman mannequin cltd12 white

Simple and practical, this matt white abstract model will retain all the attention even the most demanding. Its timeless position and very clean finishes will sublimate your collections. This woman have a modest attitude flattered by this white chest fabric that brings a subtle touch.This classic but powerful model matches with all styles: preppy, luxury, casual or even hipster. Mannequins Online offers you because it is in harmony with all the dynamic shops that regularly change their arrangement of windows and merchandising.

Price €440.00

Used mannequins c


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Pictures of our used showcase mannequin on request, wide choice of positions and style of display models available. Many international brands of mannequin showcase opportunity at sacrificed prices.

Price €149.00

Used male window mannequins i

Mannequins Online offers you these beautiful used men mannequins. These display mannequins are available in many colors as needed. Additionally, you can choose the finish: glossy, lacquered, matt ... in order to personalize your collections. Fiberglass, they were restored in our Parisian workshops to look like new. These mannequins men are great to highlight your clothing collections and showcases. Delivery available, they are provided with a round glass base that attaches to the calf

Price €199.00

Used display mannequin h


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Pictures of our second-hand display manikin on request, wide choice of positions and style of display manikins available. Many international brands of display mannequin on occasion sacrificed prices.

Price €199.00