Female mannequin SPORT F-1801 laces shoes

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The big Sport collection: shoe lacing

  • 41 different positions in the collection
  • Position compatible with many sports
  • Round chromed metal base
  • Double attachment (heel or calf)
  • Height 85 cm
  • Original color: Satin anthracite gray

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The large Sport collection: complete and versatile

This adult female mannequin, in a position to tie her shoelaces, is part of the large Sport Collection.
This collection offers 41 sport positions of adult men and women with athletic bodies.
Ideal proportions, underlined muscles but feminine line, and healthy and dynamic posture.

The shoe lacing position

The female SPORT dummy F-1801 is in a squatting position, tying her shoelaces. Leaning forward above his right knee, this mannequin is in a very realistic posture, which allows a successful and eye-catching staging, a very good ally for your shops. His hands are grouped on the right foot, and his left leg is bent backwards. One can imagine, in the middle of a hike, a character stopping to retie his laces. This position adapts to many disciplines, because it does not refer to a sport, but to an action, a gesture. Thus, you can dress and equip the F-1801 female sports mannequin with all kinds of sports outfits, as long as they are accompanied by shoes. Dancing shoes, hiking, running, skiing, gymnastics, football and other ball games will be perfectly highlighted with this posture.

Chromed metal base and double fixing

The mannequins of the SPORT collection are equipped with a double fixation (calf or heel) in order to adapt to the clothes used, only the special positions, seated or lying down are equipped otherwise.
The fixings rest on a round chromed metal base about 40cm in diameter.

Multi-season feet

Both feet of the SPORT F-1801 mannequin are split between the big toe and the other toes. Whatever the season, you can install the shoes of your choice on your mannequin, even flip-flops. A very practical detail!

Measurements of SPORT F-1801 mannequin

This adult female SPORT mannequin F-1801 measures 85 cm in total height. His chest circumference measures 87 cm, his waist circumference 63 cm, and his hip circumference 95 cm. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want more specific information.

Painting service option

Mannequins Online has chosen to pre-paint its SPORT collection in satin anthracite grey. But this always leaves you the possibility of going through our paint shop before receiving your model. Consult the service below, and let yourself be guided!
You have the choice between a quick service by choosing from our 11 standard colors, or a personalized service by choosing your color from an official RAL color chart. And of course, in case of doubt, we are always at your disposal!

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Data sheet

Bend down
Chest Size
87 cm
Waist size
63 cm
Hips Size
95 cm
Total height

Specific References

Female mannequin SPORT F-1801 laces shoes
  • Female mannequin SPORT F-1801 laces shoes
  • Female mannequin SPORT F-1801 laces shoes
  • Female mannequin SPORT F-1801 laces shoes
  • Female mannequin SPORT F-1801 laces shoes
  • Female mannequin SPORT F-1801 laces shoes



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