Mannequin homme sport running SPL-1

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The big Sport collection: the jogger

  • Available in men's version MS/SPM-3
  • 41 different positions in the collection
  • Position compatible with many disciplines
  • Round chromed metal base
  • Double fixation: calf or heel
  • Total height 178 cm
  • Original color: Satin anthracite gray

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The large Sport collection: versatile and complete

This SPL-1 adult female mannequin in running position is part of our Sport Collection.
This very complete collection offers you 41 different positions of adult women and men with dynamic bodies, athletic proportions, muscular bodies, and healthy postures.

Running position

The female SPORT mannequin SPL-1 is in a running position, arms moving, folded close to the body. In full stride, his legs are in a very dynamic position but not too extended for a minimal grip on the ground. The left foot is forward and will land on the ground, while the right leg is behind, slightly bent.
The head is tilted slightly downwards to follow the axis of the body, but one imagines looking straight ahead, determined. This posture perfectly evokes individual effort, sports training in the broad sense. You can therefore present all types of clothing and accessories because the position of the mannequin does not refer to a particular sporting discipline, but to an attitude found in all sports (even collective sports such as football, handball, rugby. .. individual like all races, athletics, jogging...).

Double attachment under the heel or behind the calf on a metal base

Apart from the atypical positions, the mannequins of the SPORT collection are all equipped with a double fixation (calf or heel) in order to adapt to the clothes used.
The fixings rest on a round chromed metal base about 40cm in diameter.

Measurements of the SPORT SPL-1 mannequin

This adult female SPORT mannequin SPL-1 measures 178 cm in total height. His chest circumference measures 87 cm, his waist circumference 65 cm, and his hip circumference 84 cm. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want more specific information.


Painting service option

Mannequins Online offers its SPORT collection in satin anthracite grey. But you have the option of going through our paint shop when ordering your mannequin. Check out the service below, and follow the instructions!
You have the choice between an express service by choosing from our 11 standard colors, or a personalized service by choosing your color from an official RAL color chart. In addition, you can choose the matte, satin or lacquer finish. And of course, if in doubt, we are at your disposal!


Data sheet

178 cm
Chest Size
86 cm
Waist size
65 cm
Hips Size
83 cm

Specific References

Mannequin homme sport running SPL-1
  • Mannequin homme sport running SPL-1
  • Mannequin homme sport running SPL-1
  • Mannequin homme sport running SPL-1
  • Mannequin homme sport running SPL-1
  • Mannequin homme sport running SPL-1



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