SPORT AS-03 female mannequin stretching gym

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The large Sport collection: gymnastic stretching

  • Exists in a men's version (thigh stretch)
  • Complete collection of 41 positions
  • Position adaptable to several disciplines
  • Round chromed metal base
  • Attachment under the heel
  • Original color: Satin anthracite gray

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The large Sport collection: complete and versatile

This adult female mannequin in gymnastic stretching is part of the large Sport Collection.
This collection offers 41 dynamic positions of adult men and women with athletic bodies.
Perfect proportions, defined muscles but feminine line, and healthy posture.

The gymnastic stretching position

The SPORT female dummy AS-03 is in a classic stretching position, legs apart, head down. His right hand on the ground and his left hand in the sky, arms outstretched, give a very realistic and dynamic result. This stretching position is suitable for similar disciplines, such as all types of dance (rhythmic, modern, acrobatic...) as well as gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, yoga...
Beyond dance and gymnastics outfits, certain accessories may also be suitable for a relevant scenography, such as rubber bands, ribbons, hoops, veils...

Chromed metal base and simple attachment under the heel

Unlike the other mannequins in the SPORT collection, this one is equipped with a simple attachment under the heel. It will therefore be necessary to pierce the shoe if you wish to put on the mannequin.
The heel insert rests on a round chromed metal base approximately 40cm in diameter.

Measurements of the SPORT AS-03 Mannequin

This adult female SPORT mannequin AS-03 does not have a height measurement, given its position, this measurement would not be realistic. His chest circumference measures 82 cm, and his waist circumference 58 cm, and his hip circumference 91 cm. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want more specific information.

Painting service option

Mannequins Online offers you its SPORT collection in its original colour: satin anthracite grey. But this always leaves you the possibility of going through our paint shop before receiving your model. Consult the service below, and let yourself be guided!
You have the choice between a quick service by choosing from our 11 standard colors, or a personalized service by choosing your color and finish from an official RAL color chart. And of course, in case of doubt, we are always at your disposal!


Data sheet

Bend down
Chest Size
82 cm
Waist size
58 cm
Hips Size
91 cm
Total height

Specific References

SPORT AS-03 female mannequin stretching gym
  • SPORT AS-03 female mannequin stretching gym
  • SPORT AS-03 female mannequin stretching gym
  • SPORT AS-03 female mannequin stretching gym
  • SPORT AS-03 female mannequin stretching gym
  • SPORT AS-03 female mannequin stretching gym



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