Display mannequins male realistic

Display mannequins male realistic

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Man realistic mannequin ma-7b

Display mannequin realistic with the same wig as on the picture and round metal base.

This realistic male display mannequin was designed to grab the attention of customers. The realistic male display mannequin is ideal for creating an impactful scenography in your shop window or interior.

Do not hesitate to consult the Mannequins Online team to know the availability on these window mannequins with makeup.

Price €539.00

Realistic mannequin man ma-8b

Here is the realistic mannequin. This beautiful mannequin was designed to be really closer to the human features. You can customize his hair and makeup to your animated displays. The realistic mannequin is ideal for creating set designs closer to reality.

Price €539.00

Mannequin realistic man ma-10b

Mannequins Online presents this realist mannequin. Fiberglass, it was designed for optimal duration and requires little maintenance. Her makeup and wig can be adapted to all kinds of animated displays. 

This man mannequin is superb to create a set design closer to reality. Realistically, it will bring life to your showcase.

Price €539.00

Mannequin realistic man ma-27-b

This mannequin adapts easily to all trends. Between the color of the skin, attitudes and hyper realist morphology realistic mannequins men, their image is really disturbing. The realist mannequin is ideal for creating a stage design closer to reality and humanism.

Price €539.00

Mannequin realistic man sean ma11b

This realistic Afro window mannequin is coming on a round base with a double fitting and made in fiberglass.Their makeup and wig mannequins give them real and human look. skin color, wig , attitudes and hyper-realistic morphology, the image of this window mannequin is really amazing.

Price €494.00
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Package mannequin man pack cool 2

Pack of 2 display mannequins

Get 10% discount by ordering this amazing package of 2 mannequins.

Regular price €984.00 Price €885.60

Man seated mannequin ma-9b

realistic male mannequins seated position, this window mannequin with make-up is sold without wig

seated window mannequin, realistic

Price €493.00