Flexible display mannequins Male

Flexible display mannequins Male

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Mannequin man flexible flexible bust m

Flexible buste male. Black polypropylene foam.

With adjustable black metal stand. 

remouvable head

Price €259.00

Mannequin flexible man male legs hanging

Flexible legs male. Black polypropylene foam.

With chrome plated hanger

Price €396.00

Mannequin man vintage man.bth300/bo

Male mannequin flexible in wood

articulated arms

square base

Price €480.00

Male diplay flexible mannequin dp4826

Flexible male display mannequin covered with white cloth with back fastening metal base. Flexible male display mannequin that can take many positions depending on your presentations and thematic. these window mannequins without head with metal pin can be ordered with an égamelement head covered with white fabrics and what the realistic hands.

Price €439.00

Flexible male mannequin tvh

This man mannequin is flexible and covered with fabric. It is not possible to remove it. This mannequin has a head abstract and realistic hands. It comes with a metal base that attaches to the back. 

This flexible manneuqin adapts to any type of collection. 

This window mannequin is available in delivery.

Price €445.00

Flexible male mannequin ty302

This man mannequin is flexible and stylized, it is provided with a face and a sculpted hairstyle. The male mannequin is covered with jersey. It was designed for fast and efficient use and requires little maintenance. These flexible mannequin are very easy to use and can be placed in any position. This window mannequin is available for delivery.

Price €506.00

Flexible male mannequin dp4826

Flexible male mannequin with stylized head and realistic hands. Window mannequin clothed in non-removable fabric.

Rectangular metal base to fix on the back included.

Delivery time for this flexible mannequin : two weeks.

Price €540.00

Flexible male mannequin black

This flexible male mannequin is an impact resistant mannequin, it is very light and the material used for manufacturing is one of recyclable materials. These polypropylene mannequins are ideal for personalizing your windows with original and varied positions.

Price €609.00

Flexible male mannequin 00100bb black

Flexible male mannequin made in PU (polypropylen)

Black color & light grey available

Chock resitant , very light (12kg), recycling material.

Magnetic fitting

Height 186cm

Shoulders width: 48cm

Shouders circumference : 118cm

Chest : 104cm

Waist : 86cm

Hips : 103cm

Price €689.00

Flexible male mannequin 00100wc

Mannequins Online presents this flexible display mannequin. This man mannequin is covered with gray fabrics, carbon effect. This male mannequin is articulable and comes with a square metal base. You can manipulate this model in more than 100 positions. It is gray in color but comes in black. Articulable, this window mannequin is superb value for your collections with dynamic and original positions. Flexible mannequin available in delivery.

Price €719.00

Flexible male mannequin 003300bb

Flexible male mannequin robot style

Price €719.00

Man flexible mannequin flexible legs m

Flexible legs male. Black polypropylene foam. 

With adjustable black metal stand.

Price €396.00