Tailored bust form kids

Tailored bust form kids

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Mannequin child tailored bust 6 to 8 years bce5-1/bo

This cute little bust is a tailored mannequin bust child from 6/8 years. This window mannequin does not have a head but has black wooden arms. It is supplied with a round base in black wood that fits perfectly with the arms. The body of the bust is beige, with black accessories, it brings a touch of elegance to the mannequin. This bust is available in child delivery within two weeks.

Price €330.00

Mannequin child tailored bust arms woods bce7-1/bo

Mannequins Online presents this nice sewing bust child 10 / 12years. This is a child mannequin whose body is beige and headless. It has black wooden arms. Moreover, this child bust comes with a wooden tripod base that fits very well with the arms and the height is adjustable. This beautiful child mannequin give a chic to your collections. 

Price €333.00