Tailored bust form women

Tailored bust form women

Mannequins online, offers its customers a wide range of stylish women’s stitching busts, with different designs, shades and finishes. This is a French manufacture directly at our French workshop. As a true specialist and manufacturer, stitching models are available in stock or within two weeks. They are delivered with their bases and sleeves. Guests can also make a custom request with the choice of fabric and accessories.

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Female bust mannequin vintage bp3w

Vintage female mannequin bust with painted arms and adjustable metal base. this female mannequin bust has all features to provide a vintage look to your store. this female mannequins bust is available in limited quantity

Price €145.00

Headless female bust bc956-01

Mannequins Online presents this beautiful woman sewing bust. This bust mannequin without head or arms. Covered with beige fabrics, this seam bust is easy to maintain. It comes with a square metal base whose height is adjustable. Available in delivery, this bust was designed to be easy to handle. This bust is great to showcase your clothing collections. Timeless, it can adapt to all fashions and trends.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you want more information about this woman sewing bust.

Price €186.00

Headless female bust bc287-01

This very pretty woman bust is a bust seam. This bust mannequin has no head and down to the top of the thighs. It comes with a metal square base that is easily height adjustable. Beige color, couture bust is covered with fabric. It is perfect for making nice showcase to present your clothing collections. This mannequin female bust is available in delivery. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about this bust mannequin woman sewing.

Price €216.00

Tailored bust mannequin woman bc959-1/1bo

Mannequins Online offers you this elegant woman sewing bust. There is no head, no arms, and his body is beige. This female bust comes with a tripod aluminum base, whose height is easily adjustable. This model is ideal for highlighting your clothing collections. Its aluminum base giving a modern twist. 

Price €235.00

Bust bv267

Tailored bust form with beginning of shoulders, beginning of legs. this tailored bust form is shown with chrome top cap and base with wheels.

possible to order this tailored bust with others top caps, other type of metal and wood base and in other colors such as white, cream, grey & black

Price €246.00

Female tailored bust b267

Woman tailor bust with adjustable metal base and metal stud. tailored bust covered with a sleeve in jersey fabric, different colors available for this tailored bust for woman. this woman tailored bust the ideal measurements to present your clothes. This professional bust will sublimate your latest collections in store.

Price €246.00

Jewellery female bust bc1000-1-bo




Female mannequin bust miniature sewing.

Ideal for jewelry collections.

Miniature bust is beige.

Comes with a dark brown round wooden base.


Size of the bust:

height 75cm

chest 96cm

75.5cm size

85cm basin

Price €200.00