Display mannequins

Display mannequins

The display mannequin expresses the aspiration of the customers while representing the image of the store and the creator of clothing’s. The mannequin is filled with the sight of time and it reflects it through the shop window.

The body language of the display mannequins is essential. The installation of the window mannequin expresses an attitude which helps to guess the type of clients aimed by the mannequin. There are window mannequins of all colors, shapes and sizes.

The mannequins must capture the attention of passers-by, to arouse a reaction to them.

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Male display mannequin 6030ncc

Classic collection of sartorial mannequins, light, easy to pin and with high fit. All provided with an innovative magnetic hooking system which make them very easy to dress. The full mannequin  can be dressed and undressed without being taken from the base.

Price €539.00
Snowboader male mannequin ws26 -20%
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Snowboader male mannequin ws26

This sport is a human mannequin dummy snowboarder lightly drawn face.This mannequin is dedicated to surfing, snowboarding or snow sports. Its movement will give dynamism to your windows while highlighting your combinations collections, hats, bathing suits or surf and snowboard equipment. This mannequin comes with man rode a glass base that attaches to the calf. Mannequins Online offers you these men sports mannequins or mannequin surfing and snowboarding showcase.

Regular price €550.00 Price €440.00

Mannequin plastic man smh-1

Magnificent display mannequin man with a perfect plastic molding that will enhance your fashion collections and the time your windows. These mannequins have rights to their special plastic material does not scratch. Also their attractive price will seduce you to make an inexpensive merchandising and quality. For the sake of customization, Mannequins Online offers you these beautiful mannequins plastic men with egghead.

Price €178.00
Mannequin headless man web... -20%
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Mannequin headless man web mannequin

Mannequins Online offers you this man mannequin to showcase your products. This showcase mannequin, without head, neck collar-shaped cut-V: it is superb when taking pictures for e-commerce sites. The label and the inside of the neck remain visible. The head of this man mannequin can be removable; it is easily removable. His right position makes it easy to dress and adapts to current trends. The male model is white but it is possible to paint it in different finishes (matt, gloss lacquer, satin) and the color you want

Our windows mannequins are in stock and are available immediately from our warehouse.

Regular price €480.00 Price €384.00
Display mannequin... -10%
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Display mannequin dis-opw6-mer-f

Beautiful woman showcase mannequin with an abstract head for your custom windows.

Regular price €288.00 Price €259.20
Female display mannequin... -15%
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Female display mannequin opw5 hl

Esta mujer maniquí no tiene cabeza no hay en varios colores. Manos en las caderas, que es muy femenina. Esta mujer es excelente modelo para mostrar sus colecciones de ropa. Este maniquí sin cabeza fue renovado en nuestros talleres parisinos. Para personalizar sus ventanas, se puede volver a pintar este maniqui el color de la mujer que desea. Entrega disponible, maniqui de ejemplo se entregará con una base redonda de vidrio que tiene un doble enlace.

Regular price €249.00 Price €211.65

Running female mannequin ws21

The abstract sports mannequin is a mannequin with little drawn facial features. His body movement is dedicated to running. This woman mannequin releases a lot of personality thanks to its mysterious face. Easy to handle and maintain, they adapt to all kinds of windows and trends. Gray color, you can paint the color you want. Mannequins Online offers you these abstract female mannequins sport to be able to make your attractive and dynamic windows.

Price €550.00

Mannequin plastic woman sfh-1

mannequin plastic woman with perfect curves will perfectly showcase your clothing collections of the moment and your windows. These plastic female mannequins have for their special plastic material that does not scratch. Also the attractive price of this plastic model will seduce you to achieve an inexpensive merchandising and quality. Mannequins Online offers you these plastic models with removable abstract head.

Price €157.00
Pregnant display mannequin... -60%
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Pregnant display mannequin dis.opw12-pop

Mannequin pregnant woman with head abstract ideal to present your maternity wear. These showcase pregnant woman mannequin are available in stock in white glossy. these mannequins abstract modern look perfectly present your maternity wear.

Regular price €399.00 Price €159.60
Headless female web mannequin -20%
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Headless female web mannequin

This woman mannequin is ideal to showcase your products at photo shoot for e-commerce sites. This mannequin without head, neck collar-shaped cut-V. The label and the inside of neck are visible. The head and neck of the female mannequin are removable: simply remove them. The right position of the window mannequin that it easily adapts to all trends.

This female dummy is white but it is possible to paint it in different finishes (matt, gloss lacquer, satin) and colors.

Our wndow mannequins are available immediately from our warehouse.

Regular price €480.00 Price €384.00
Mannequin child abstract kid4s -15%
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Mannequin child abstract kid4s

This mannequin is a mannequin abstract 4 year old. He lightly drawn facial features. In the neutral position, this cute child mannequin adapts to any type of showcase and trends. The face, a bit sulky, of this child mannequin gives it a lot of personality. In white color, it is possible to paint it in different colors and in different finish: matt, glossy, satin. Available in delivery, this mannequin is supplied with round glass base that attaches to the feet.

Regular price €150.00 Price €127.50

Headless mannequin enfant baby headless

This headless mannequin is a mannequin child 12 years. It was completely renovated in our Parisian workshops. Available in several standard colors, it is also possible to paint it used child dummy in the color you want. Several finishes are available such as matte, glossy and satin. This mannequin as new adapts perfectly to any type of showcase and trend. Available delivery, it is provided with a basic round glass.

Price €115.00

Sport kid mannequins ws80

Sport display mannequins kids ideal for soccer display. this junior sport mannequin come with a metal stand. this sport kid mannequin is in dark grey color but can be respray in our workshop if you have a need.

Price €479.00

Display man mannequin cltu20 headless

Black male display mannequin, headless, brighten up by his flesh-colored torso fabric will do the same for all of your displays. Urban and contemporary, this mannequin has a relaxed postion that highlight all your clothing style like casual, urban, casual or preppy.This man in the mood of time will help you energize all your displays with ease. Easy to use, it is now available in delivery.

Price €450.00

Seated male mannequins ma56

New- this is an Elegant collection of Male mannequins sitting with style and physique proportions which are like real men models. this display mannequin sublimate also classic looks.

Price €480.00

Display sport mannequins ftb1a

This display mannequin man sport as the perfect sports mannequins fittings. With his imposing stature he was able to present football clothes, athletism or any other action sport

this sport window mannequin is is available in our warehouse in white color with abstract head as picture

Price €475.00

Mannequin man plastic smh-2

Mannequins in  unbreakable plastic to simple curves will highlight your clothing collections. These plastic mannequins man does not scratch. these cheap professional mannequin will seduce you to achieve an inexpensive merchandising and quality. These dummy showcase Cheap are available with and without head.

Price €178.00

Easyshot display male mannequins photoshoot

Taking great photos helps to highlight clothing.

Avoid multiple sockets and rework reduces marketing costs.

It is now easier thanks to new models EASYSHOT that meet the growing demand in the areas of e-commerce, photography, photo studios ... Easy to dress, with detachable modular rooms offering different opportunities (arms, necks ...)

Price €529.00
Abstract female mannequin... -10%
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Abstract female mannequin dis-opw14-b401

mannequin showcase woman abstract head with ears. these mannequins of showcase woman on base glass and double fixation are in stock. The very fashionable position of these showcase mannequins will showcase your latest collections.

Regular price €288.00 Price €259.20

Woman mannequin realistic ma-2b

Mannequins Online presents you this superb realistic woman mannequin. It was designed to approximate as closely human traits. Blonde and makeup, you can modify it to customize your windows. Position, raise one leg and hand near the face, this model will bring dynamism to your windows. This realistic female mannequin is perfect for creating a set design closer to reality. Available in delivery, this window mannequin is supplied with a round glass base.

Price €525.00
Female display mannequin... -15%
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Female display mannequin opw14-hl

female display mannequin headless with glass base in white color. this easy to wear headless window display mannequin is the perfect match of good scheme in your windows. Chose this headless mannequins and it for a very affordable price.

Regular price €249.00 Price €211.65

Tennis female mannequin ws23

Tennis player mannequin to showcase your latest tennis outfits. this tennis female player mannequin has the perfect dimensions to display your clothes in a dynamic way. this tennis window mannequin is coming in grey color with abstract face.

Price €550.00

Mannequin woman plastic sfh-3

Here beautiful of women mannequins plastic. The head of these mannequins is smooth, the facial features do not appear. Their perfect casting will value your clothes. These mannequins sublimate your windows. These mannequins were designed in plastic, so they are scratchproof. This woman mannequin comes with a square glass base that attaches to the calf. At an attractive price, this pretty dummy will delight you for you to achieve an inexpensive merchandising and quality.

Price €157.00

Easyshot female mannequin photoshoot

Taking great photos helps to highlight clothing.

Avoid multiple sockets and rework reduces marketing costs.

It is now easier thanks to new models EASYSHOT that meet the growing demand in the areas of e-commerce, photography, photo studios ... Easy to dress, with detachable modular rooms offering different opportunities (arms, necks ...)

Price €529.00
Child mannequin abstract... -10%
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Child mannequin abstract puk2-a mer gw

This mannequin is an abstract child mannequin. In glossy white color, it is in the upright position and the facial features are slightly drawn. Fiberglass, this child dummy was designed for optimal duration. Easy to handle, it requires little maintenance. To customize your windows, this abstract mannequin can be painted in several finishes: matte, glossy (gloss lacquered), satin and that of the color you want. This child mannequin adapts easily to all kinds of windows and trends.

Regular price €145.00 Price €130.50
Mannequin stylized child... -30%
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Mannequin stylized child kid girl 10

Subtle intermediary between the abstract and the realistic this stylized mannequin girl child has a face and a sculpted hairstyle.

Designed for optimal duration of use, this stylized model requires little maintenance.

This child mannequin aims to be timeless. His position is adapted to change easily, quickly and regularly clothing. It is the ideal choice for dynamic fashion boutique that changes regularly looks.

For the sake of customization Mannequins Online offers you several colors and finishes (matt, glossy, lacquered, shiny) as desired.

Regular price €200.00 Price €140.00

Flexible kid mannequin 3 months

Flexible child mannequin 3 months without a head that can take different positions and satisfy any requirement and need of exposure. The flexibility of these children will seduce you and will be ideal for putting an atmosphere in your windows animating through various positions as a small puppet. They will adapt to your various displays and collections of the moment. To customize your windows, Mannequins Online offers you these fine flexible child mannequins.

Price €110.00

Mannequin headless child kid 2 ans - 6thav

The headless mannequins show the fine details even if they do not have a head. These models do not have children of age. Meanwhile headless gives full effect to the silhouette. They adapt to the latest trends in windows and enhance your clothing collections. 

This model childless head can be painted in different finishes: matt, glossy (lacquered gloss), satin and color you want. For the sake of customization, Mannequins Online offers you these wonderful kids mannequins headless for a magnificent merchandising.


Price €187.00

Sport kid mannequins ws82

Here is a very pretty child mannequin dedicated to ball sports. This child mannequin is shooter position. Gray color, he faces and sculpted hair. This model is great to showcase your sportswear collections. His position and his expression will bring dynamism to your windows. It has been designed to be easy to dress and handle. In addition, this window mannequin requires little maintenance. Available delivery, child mannequin is supplied with square metal base which easily attaches to the calf.

Price €479.00

Man realistic mannequin ma-7b

ce mannequin de vitrine réaliste homme a été conçu pour attirer l’attention des clients. Le mannequin d’étalage homme réaliste est idéal pour créer une scénographie impactante dans vos vitrine ou interieur de magasin.

N’hesitez pas à consulter l’équipe Mannequins Online pour connaitre les disponibilités sur ces mannequins de vitrine avec maquillage

Price €539.00

Display man mannequin cltu20 translucent headless

This male display mannequin torso in black has a translucent finish that will reveal all your displays. Its appearance futuristic will awake the potential of your stores. Proper lighting will also optimize its ability to capture the attention of passersby.

Price €520.00

Sportmale mannequin ws02

This beautiful mannequin is a casual male mannequin. It is matte gray color. His head is abstract. The sport mannequin will perfectly all types of casual clothes. Moreover the right position of this window mannequin man will easily adapt to different atmospheres in shop windows. The mannequin comes with a glass base. Our display mannequins are available in delivery.

Price €475.00