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Display hand stand zigzag 2 -20%
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Display hand stand zigzag 2

display metal stand with wood hands. Inspired from Jielde Lamps

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Pregnant ladies bustform 6 month

This beautiful pregnant woman and bust seam bring a realistic side to the original display cases and trends. A creative mind will settle into the look of your windows. Their classic side will disappear. These busts will enhance your collections of clothing pregnant women 6 months. For the sake of personalization, Mannequins Online offers you these busts seams women in order to change your windows regularly.

Price €119.00

Mannequin leg man pantalon flexible m

Beautiful pair of flexible men legs that can take different positions and satisfy any requirement and need for exposure. These legs will give their original side. In a concern of customization, Mannequins Online offers you these flexible men legs.

Price €199.00

Tailored bust mannequin woman flexible arms b

Mannequins Online presents this magnificent pair of articulated arms woman. These flexible arm will easily adapt to the bust seam on which you will ask. They were designed to be easy to maintain and use. These articulated arms Women bust will help you personnalier your windows.

Available delivery, these flexible arms are delivered without bust.


Arm Height 60cm Male / / Female 56cm.

Price €64.00

Mannequin child abstract y704/1-03

This beautiful mannequin is a 4 year old child dummy with abstract face: the features of his viage are not drawn. White, you can repaint it in the color you want and in various finishes such as matte, glossy, satin .. Our mannequins has been designed to be easy to handle and maintain. This child mannequin is ideal to showcase your clothing collections thanks to its neutral position and its lack of face. Fiberglass, this abstract mannequin comes with a round glass base.

Price €215.00

Flexible male mannequin lid

Flexible male mannequin made in PU (polypropylen)

Black color & light grey available

Chock resitant , very light (12kg), recycling material.

Magnetic fitting

Height 186cm

Shoulders width: 48cm

Shouders circumference : 118cm

Chest : 104cm

Waist : 86cm

Hips : 103cm

Price €609.00

Climbing mannequin ws20

This male display mannequin climbing is perfect to showcase the sport climbs. This sport man mannequin is dedicated to climbing. Ideal for presenting mountain sports. Devoid of wig and makeup, model showcase abstract sports suits all seasons. At Mannequins Online, we offer climbing male mannequins studied and designed for this sport.

Price €550.00

Tailored bust men cy301 black jersey

Tailored bust man in black jersey with black wooden tripod base and black sleeve This tailored bust form for man is made in polyurethane covered with a black jersey. this tailored bust for men will be delivered with wooden sleeve and a black tripod base

Price €92.00

Pregnant ladies bustform 9 month

Here is a bust seam woman 9 months pregnant. It is equipped with a tripod base and a sleeve in light wood. A removable cushion for pregnant women is also provided. With this mannequin bust, your windows will be more realistic. It’s perfect to value your clothes for pregnant women collections. It will allow you to create original displays and trends.


In order to best personalize your shopping, Mannequins Online offers you these pregnant women stitching busts of 9 months.

Price €159.00

Man leg mannequin legs male flesh

This pair of legs is superb to put your values menswear collections. You can repaint it in the color  and in the finishes you want: matte, glossy or satin. So you can customize your windows at best. This leg pair requires little maintenance and is easy to handle. Available delivery, these legs are delivered with a square metal base that attaches to the foot.

Price €88.00

Tailored bust mannequin woman bc959-1/1bo

Mannequins Online offers you this elegant woman sewing bust. There is no head, no arms, and his body is beige. This female bust comes with a tripod aluminum base, whose height is easily adjustable. This model is ideal for highlighting your clothing collections. Its aluminum base giving a modern twist. 

Price €235.00

Flexible women mannequin leg dp725

Beautiful pair of flexible female legs that can take different positions and satisfy any requirement and need for exposure. These legs will give their original side. In a concern of personalization, Mannequins Online proposes you these flexible legs women.

Price €199.00

Mannequin bust woman bust 9441

bust mannequin headless woman gold shiny effect. These are mannequin busts that easily adapt to your many windows. Mannequins Online offers you these busts in gold color models. These busts also called female models Torso mannequins have a leg of departure and can receive a base (attachment to the neck or leg).

Price €116.00

Flexible female mannequin dp4825.1.dp647 head

This woman mannequin is racing position. Our flexible mannequins are easy to handle; they will take the positions you want without any effort. This woman model also exists in humans. The facial features are not drawn. This woman mannequin comes with a metal base that attaches to the buttocks. This mannequin is flexible polyurethane foam. It is available in delivery.

Price €413.00

Sport female mannequin ws01

Female display mannequins active position. This casual window mannequins will fit perfetcly. this window mannequin come with abstract face, grey color and glass base

Price €475.00

Running female mannequin ws21

The abstract sports mannequin is a mannequin with little drawn facial features. His body movement is dedicated to running. This woman mannequin releases a lot of personality thanks to its mysterious face. Easy to handle and maintain, they adapt to all kinds of windows and trends. Gray color, you can paint the color you want. Mannequins Online offers you these abstract female mannequins sport to be able to make your attractive and dynamic windows.

Price €550.00

Mannequin realistic woman ma-24-b

The realistic woman model is designed to get closer to human traits. Between the color of the skin, the attitudes and the hyper-realistic morphology of the realistic mannequins, their image is really disturbing. The realistic woman model is ideal to create a scenography closer to reality and humanism. and his wig are editable and can be adapted to all kinds of animated showcases. In order to personalize your windows, Mannequins Online offers you these beautiful models realistic women

Price €525.00
Female window mannequin... -10%
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Female window mannequin abstract dis cha4

Mannequin abstract woman with head and ears. these display female mannequins are in stock. the measurements and shapes of this female mannequin is very up to date. make no mistake and choose this utlimate window mannequin shape. This women mannequin is delivered in white color and comes with a round glass base.

Regular price €289.00 Price €260.10
Abstract female mannequin... -10%
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Abstract female mannequin dis-opw14-b401

mannequin showcase woman abstract head with ears. these mannequins of showcase woman on base glass and double fixation are in stock. The very fashionable position of these showcase mannequins will showcase your latest collections.

Regular price €288.00 Price €259.20
Mannequin headless man web... -20%
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Mannequin headless man web mannequin

Mannequins Online offers you this man mannequin to showcase your products. This showcase mannequin, without head, neck collar-shaped cut-V: it is superb when taking pictures for e-commerce sites. The label and the inside of the neck remain visible. The head of this man mannequin can be removable; it is easily removable. His right position makes it easy to dress and adapts to current trends. The male model is white but it is possible to paint it in different finishes (matt, gloss lacquer, satin) and the color you want

Our windows mannequins are in stock and are available immediately from our warehouse.

Regular price €480.00 Price €384.00

Flexible male mannequin tvh

This man mannequin is flexible and covered with fabric. It is not possible to remove it. This mannequin has a head abstract and realistic hands. It comes with a metal base that attaches to the back. 

This flexible manneuqin adapts to any type of collection. 

This window mannequin is available in delivery.

Price €445.00

Male diplay flexible mannequin dp4826

Flexible male display mannequin covered with white cloth with back fastening metal base. Flexible male display mannequin that can take many positions depending on your presentations and thematic. these window mannequins without head with metal pin can be ordered with an égamelement head covered with white fabrics and what the realistic hands.

Price €439.00

Headless mannequin man y652-03

Here is a beautiful man headless mannequin that fits all kinds of trend collection and display. White, It has his arms crossed behind his back. It can be painted in several finishes: matte, glossy, satin, and that the color you want.

Price €268.00

Running male mannequin dis run4 xl

Running male display mannequin. Runner mannequin with perfect measurements, it will highlight your latest outfits running, or running trail. running sports models in stock in white. race walking mannequin man also available in other colors made to order in our mannequin warehouse

Price €475.00
Snowboader male mannequin ws26 -20%
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Snowboader male mannequin ws26

This sport is a human mannequin dummy snowboarder lightly drawn face.This mannequin is dedicated to surfing, snowboarding or snow sports. Its movement will give dynamism to your windows while highlighting your combinations collections, hats, bathing suits or surf and snowboard equipment. This mannequin comes with man rode a glass base that attaches to the calf. Mannequins Online offers you these men sports mannequins or mannequin surfing and snowboarding showcase.

Regular price €550.00 Price €440.00
Mannequin man abstract... -10%
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Mannequin man abstract dis876s-401

Here abstract mannequins men whose facial features have been erased. These mannequins men got a lot of personality: their lack of face gives them a mystery way. While standing, it adapts to all kinds of windows and trends. This man mannequin is beautiful to showcase your clothing collections. Depending on your wishes, this abstract mannequin can be painted in the color you want. 

Regular price €288.00 Price €259.20

Man mannequin abstract y651/3

The abstract mannequins have a very light face, this window mannequin is almost faceless, those men mannequins have a strong personality, they can be used in all types of windows and will adapt to all kind of trends. This window mannequin can be sprayed in many different finishes (mat, glossy, satin). Mannequins online offer those options to personalise your store.

Price €349.00

Transparent mannequin male 111nt

Male mannequin transparent with head, this sculpted male mannequin is made in translucent pvc and allow interesting presentation and schemes for many kind how windows,

Price €395.00

Stand base 965000b

Squared metal base

Leg fitting

Adjustable height

Be careful, this base goes only for the following bust forms:

FID - BUST 9441

FID - BUST 9491

FID - BUST 9492

FID - BUST 9442

FID - BUST 9493

FID - BUST 9443

FID - BUST 9494

FID - BUST 9444

FID - BUST 9471

FID - BUST 9421

FID - BUST 9475

FID - BUST 9425

FID - BUST 9474

FID - BUST 9424

Price €50.00

Bust female miniature it803

This beautiful female mannequin is a miniature bust. It is fiberglass but was covered with kraft paper. This miniature bust is no head or arms and beige. This mannequin is available in different size. This bust mannequin has been designed for the collections of jewelry and accessories. It is very easy to maintain. This woman bust measurement 43cm high and is available in delivery.

Price €35.00

Display stand porte chaussures 1

Display stand shoes

Material : Steal chrome-plated

Dimensions :

Base : 15x15cm
Stake : 45cm
Adjustable fragment : 45cm (maximum height)
Presentation stage : 25x7cm (adjustable angle)

Price €34.00
Dark oak wooden head male... -20%
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Dark oak wooden head male frmt-01

mannequin display head in dark oak color. this head made in wood is 40cm height. perfect match to showcase you hats and other accessoiries.

Regular price €155.00 Price €124.00

Tailored bust form men bo300/2

This beautiful fashion mannequin is a bust man. It comes with a black metal base, roulette. This bust is suitable for any type of showcase. It will bring elegance and originality to your collections. It was created so as to be easy to maintain and handle. The delivery time for this window mannequin is 2 weeks.

Price €466.00

Mannequin man tailored bust buste vendome h xxxl

Here is a nice man seam bust size. This bust is beautiful to highlight your large size clothing collections. It fits all the trends and various displays. Its classic side will bring a touch of elegance to your windows. This man mannequin bust comes with a wooden tripod base. Its height is easily adjustable.


Available in delivery, please contact us for more information sewing bust man.

Price €129.00

Mannequin tailored bust man buste vendome h xl

This elegant man bust seam side will value your classic clothing collections and your windows. These busts adapt to all kinds of windows and trends. This bust will motivate you to create a beautiful merchandising. To customize your collections, Mannequins Online offers you to discover our bust men in order to change your windows regularly.

Price €119.00