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Package 50 hangers kristina


€ 3.10 / UNIT 

SIZE: 39 CM 

Colori: Beechwood natural 

Strong, noble and natural, our hangers wooden Beech add value to your clothes, you have built a classic boutique or high-end. Hangers wholesale hangers in small quantities, natural wood hangers, it can make your clothes look trendy thanks to its very form without curved bar and swivel hook. 

At Mannequins Online you are sure to find the hangers you need to hang clothes on the wardrobes of your layout systems. 

If you want another color of do not hesitate to contact our customer service.

Price €155.00

Package 50 hangers helena


€ 2.80 / UNIT

Mannequins Online presents this nice wooden hanger from light beech. Robust and natural, our packs 50 hangers are perfect for ready-to-wear boutiques.


They bear your clothing collections such as shirts, jackets, ... Basically or in small quantities, we can provide any type of hangers. Do not hesitate to contact our team.

Price €140.00

Stylized mannequin man y650/1

Esta bella maniqui es un maniquí humana estilizada. Tiene un rostro y un peinado esculpido. Este maniqui es de color gris, pero a petición se puede pintar en diferentes colores y acabados. Esto para dar un aspecto moderno y personalizado a sus ventanas. Este modelo fue diseñado para el uso rápido y fácil. Este modelo con estilo requiere poco mantenimiento. Mezcla entre el maniqui realista y abstracta, este maniqui masculino con estilo es perfecto para energizar una tienda.

Price €349.00

Display stand porte sac

Display stand simple

Material : Steal chrome-plated

Dimensions :

Base : 15x15cm
Stake : 45cm
Adjustable fragment : 45cm (maximum height)

Price €34.00

Tailored bust mannequin woman cy201-1

This woman bust seam is covered with a beige jersey fabric. It comes with a tripod base and a wooden sleeve.

This beautiful bust seam is great to bring chic to your windows and shops. The bust seam easily adapts to different collections and showcases of the moment.

This woman sewing bust is available in delivery.

Price €92.00

Display stand hand femalewd385/1-1

Female mannequins hand display in clear wood. This mannequin hand showcase woman in articulated wood is delivered on base in adjustable metal. ideal to present any type of accessories this wooden mannequin hand is very easy to use.

contact us for more information on this mannequin hand showcase woman in wood.

Price €110.00

Tailor bust form cy201 black

Mannequins Online presents this black woman sewing bust. This stunning model is covered in black fabric. Without arms or head, female mannequin bust is very easy to handle and dress. It is ideal to bring chic to your windows. This woman bust comes with a black base tripod shape.

Price €89.00
Display stand hands sah/ks2 -10%
  • -10%

Display stand hands sah/ks2

display stand to présent accessoiries, collars, neckless, belts


height : 40cm

base 15x15cm

this display hand mannequin on stand is available in white gloss and come with a stand painted in the same color

Regular price €80.00 Price €72.00

Woman tailored bust bu9581p52tl

This pretty woman bust seam is first prize. It is Polystirene foam covered with Lycra house. This bust model has neither head nor arms. This bust comes with a wooden tripod base that acorde perfectly with the beige color of this buste.La height of this mannequin is adjustable.

Bust seam that will adapt to your different worlds, collection presentation - showroom - salon.


Price €92.00

Display sport mannequins ftb1a

This display mannequin man sport as the perfect sports mannequins fittings. With his imposing stature he was able to present football clothes, athletism or any other action sport

this sport window mannequin is is available in our warehouse in white color with abstract head as picture

Price €475.00

Mannequin abstract man y650/3

Mannequins Online presents you this superb male mannequin. The mannequin has virtually erased the facial features. This lack of face gives it a mystery. While standing, it adapts easily to all kinds of windows and trends. This man mannequin is superb value for your collections clothing.

Price €349.00

Mannequin man tailored bust black jersey man

Here is a beautiful man bust seam. It has a classic look that will highlight your clothing collections. Black lycra, this bust will also bring a touch of modernity. This bust seam fits into all kinds of showcases. It is perfect to highlight your clothing collections and customize your windows. It makes you want to create a beautiful merchandising. Mannequins Online offers you these men seams busts in order to frequently change your windows.

Price €139.00

Display female head wsk01

Superb window mannequin head woman in gray plastic.
This mannequin is ideal for highlight hair accessories such as hats, scarves, glasses ...
This woman’s head does not have attachment or basic as simply place it on a table or shelf for example.
This head requires little maintenance. It is available in delivery.
Price €59.00

Male display head wsk02

This male display mannequin head is in gray plastic.
This model is perfect to highlight your hats, scarves, glasses and other head accessory.
This man’s head has no attachment or basic, you simply have to place it on a table or shelf for example.
It requires little maintenance.
It is available in delivery.
Price €59.00

Display stand porte chaussures 2

Display stand for accessories

Material : Steal chrome-plated

Dimensions :

Base : 15x15cm
Stake : 45cm
Adjustable fragment : 45cm (maximum height)
platform : 23x10cm

Price €34.00

Woman mannequin abstract y616

Women are abstract mannequins mannequins with facial features absent. From glossy white color, it is also available in other colors. Moreover, it is possible to paint this mannequin in the color you want and this in several finishes to customize your windows. Adapting to all kinds of windows and trends, this woman model requires little maintenance and is easy to handle. A round glass base, which attaches the calf level is included with this model.

This window mannequin is available in delivery.

Price €329.00

Maniquies caballero dis876s-merhdisplay abstract mannequin dis876s-merh

Este gran hombre maniquí tiene una cara abstracta. Las mediciones de la maniquí ventana hacen perfecto para cualquier comercio de la ropa. Esto tanto en maniqui masculino vistiendo ropa casual, ropa deportiva como trajes. Por otra parte, se ha diseñado para que sea fácil de manejar y mantener. Este maniquí se entrega con base de cristal ronda. Este maniquí pantalla masculina está disponible para entrega inmediata.

Regular price €288.00 Price €259.20

Tailored bust mannequin man cy301-1

This man bust seam is polystyrene. It comes with a wooden tripod base whose height can be adjusted easily. This bust seam is superb value for your men clothing collections. Elegant, it fits all the windows. Easy to maintain, sewing bust low maintenance.


Please contact us for more information on this man sewing bust.

Price €92.00
Woman mannequin abstract... -10%
  • -10%

Woman mannequin abstract dis-opw7-mer-f

This abstract female mannequin is a mannequin with little drawn facial features. By his mysterious face, woman mannequin will highlight your clothing collections. It adapts to all kinds of windows and trends.

This abstract mannequin can be painted in several finishes: matt, glossy (gloss lacquered), satin and what color you want. In order to regularly change your windows, these women abstract mannequins are ideal.

Regular price €288.00 Price €259.20

Bust mannequin men y420/3 head

Mannequins Online presents you this superb white man bust. This man mannequin has his arms close to his body in a neutral position. Its head is smooth. It is available in other colors. This mannequin is ideal to highlight your menswear collections. It adapts easily to any type of merchandising. It has been designed to be easily manipulated while requiring little maintenance. This bust mannequin comes with a rectangular chrome metal base. The delivery time of this man window mannequin is 2 weeks

Price €190.00

Mannequin man leg legs male

This pair of white legs is superb to put your clothing collections for men. This is man mannequin legs. In white, it is also possible to paint the color you want and in various finishes such as matte, glossy or satin. These legs are timeless and will adapt to every trend. Easy to handle, this pair of legs requires little maintenance. It comes with a rectangular metal base that attaches to the calf.
Contact us for more information about these mannequins legs.
Price €88.00

Plastic mannequin woman sfh-2

A new range of plastic female mannequins which are durable, lightweight and virtually unbreakable. These mannequins have adjustable heads. All mannequins are available in white color; headless, egg-head. This range of mannequins are available in matt white. All mannequins are supplied with a toughened glass base and calf fitting.

Price €157.00

Mannequin bust woman buste iy106

Bust mannequin headless woman has to ask is fiberglass. These mannequin busts are easily adapted to the various presentations.

this woman mannequin bust that can be painted in different colors if you wish. these mannequins busts are ideal for presenting bra, sports brasieres and other accessories.

Price €69.00

Mannequin plastic man smh-1

Magnificent display mannequin man with a perfect plastic molding that will enhance your fashion collections and the time your windows. These mannequins have rights to their special plastic material does not scratch. Also their attractive price will seduce you to make an inexpensive merchandising and quality. For the sake of customization, Mannequins Online offers you these beautiful mannequins plastic men with egghead.

Price €178.00

Tailored bust men cy301 black jersey

Tailored bust man in black jersey with black wooden tripod base and black sleeve This tailored bust form for man is made in polyurethane covered with a black jersey. this tailored bust for men will be delivered with wooden sleeve and a black tripod base

Price €92.00

Female tailored bust b267

Woman tailor bust with adjustable metal base and metal stud. tailored bust covered with a sleeve in jersey fabric, different colors available for this tailored bust for woman. this woman tailored bust the ideal measurements to present your clothes. This professional bust will sublimate your latest collections in store.

Price €246.00

Woman mannequin abstract y666

This abstract female mannequin is a mannequin without facial features. By his mysterious face, the mannequin will highlight your clothing collections. It adapts easily to all kinds of windows and trends. It can be painted in several finishes: matt, glossy (gloss lacquered), satin and in what color you want. Thus, Mannequins Online offers you these abstract female mannequins in order to change your windows regularly.

Price €329.00

Lingerie merchandising unit round section 277

Wearing metal lingerie to put on table. This wearing is perfect for presenting different types of lingerie. Lightweight it will be easy to move according to your merchandising. Dimensions of this wearing for lingerie indicated in the image.

Price €242.00

Realistic woman mannequin ma-6b

This realistic woman mannequin has been designed to be more closer to human traits. Very feminine, this mannequin is wearing a long brown wig. Depending on your wishes, we can disguise it differently. This mannequin is perfect to highlight your womenswear collections. Designed fiberglass, it requires little maintenance and is easy to handle in order to change regular

Price €525.00

Flexible male mannequin lid

Flexible male mannequin made in PU (polypropylen)

Black color & light grey available

Chock resitant , very light (12kg), recycling material.

Magnetic fitting

Height 186cm

Shoulders width: 48cm

Shouders circumference : 118cm

Chest : 104cm

Waist : 86cm

Hips : 103cm

Price €609.00

Man mannequin abstract y651/3

The abstract mannequins have a very light face, this window mannequin is almost faceless, those men mannequins have a strong personality, they can be used in all types of windows and will adapt to all kind of trends. This window mannequin can be sprayed in many different finishes (mat, glossy, satin). Mannequins online offer those options to personalise your store.

Price €349.00