Display mannequin seated Female

Display mannequin seated Female

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Mannequin seated woman sfh-20

Plastic mannequin

There are also headless

Price €157.00

Mannequin woman seated y640-03

female display mannequin, headless, seated


Price €315.00

Mannequin seated woman y641-03

These window mannequins woman is sitting  and have few facial features or even completely drawn .These women mannequins emit many personnality .Window mannequin is  adapt to all kinds of window and trends moment. This abstract mannequin can be painted in different finish: matt, glossy (gloss lacquered), satin and what color you want. For the sake of customization, Mannequin online offers you these abstract female mannequins sitting in order to regularly change your windows.

HEIGHT 180 cm


BREAST 90 cm

SIZE 62 cm

Price €368.00

Mannequin woman seated y646

Female Mannequin seated 

Choose your color among those below. 

Price €368.00

Seated mannequin woman run ma-1

Female display mannequin, seated, stylised head

Price €458.00

Woman seated mannequin ma-1b

Display mannequin realistic with the wig as picture

Price €525.00

Mannequin realistic woman ma-24-b

The realistic woman model is designed to get closer to human traits. Between the color of the skin, the attitudes and the hyper-realistic morphology of the realistic mannequins, their image is really disturbing. The realistic woman model is ideal to create a scenography closer to reality and humanism. and his wig are editable and can be adapted to all kinds of animated showcases. In order to personalize your windows, Mannequins Online offers you these beautiful models realistic women

Price €525.00

Abstract mannequins pf06

New - Display mannequin abstractwoman in transparent fiberglass. delivery into 2 weeks and available with a round glass base and magnetized inserts

Price €619.00
Mannequin woman package... -10%
  • -10%

Mannequin woman package pack easy

Pack of 2 display mannequins -  Get 10% discount by ordering this amazing package of 2 mannequins.


The headless mannequins pack shows fine details even if they do not have head. These mannequins women do not age. Meanwhile headless gives full effect to the silhouette. They adapt to all showcases trends and highlight your clothing collections.

This woman headless mannequin can be painted in several finishes: matt, glossy (gloss lacquered), satin and what color you want. For the sake of personalization, Mannequins Online offers you these wonderful women headless mannequins for a magnificent merchandising.

Regular price €499.00 Price €449.10

Mannequin Femme Assis MA47

New - This seated, elegant but discreet woman window mannequin will have an impact on your windows while highlighting your clothes with her dynamic attitudes, this woman window mannequin will enhance both simple and tendentious looks.

Price €480.00